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How Sonny's Started

Sonny's Sweeping has its roots in a humble beginning, originating as a café on a construction site in 2013. From these modest origins, it has evolved into the dynamic sweeping company we proudly represent today. The sweeping journey began in 2014 when Lester acquired the first sweeper, marking the inception of a mission to shape Sonny's Sweeping into the reliable and hardworking company it stands as today.


Lester's commitment to excellence has driven the company's growth, fostering a reputation for trustworthiness and dedicated service. From its café inception to its present standing as a sweeping industry leader, Sonny's Sweeping continues to exemplify a journey marked by resilience, hard work, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

We Sweep to keep you safe.

Safeguarding Your Safety Through Comprehensive Sweeping Services


At Sonny's, we believe in the power of sweeping to enhance safety and uphold the integrity of our towns, cities, and roadways across the UK.


Sweeping is an invaluable yet often overlooked component of infrastructure maintenance. Our meticulous sweeping practices play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of road users by keeping thoroughfares clear and maintaining clean surfaces for improved traction, thereby minimizing accidents caused by mud and debris.


This commitment to safety becomes especially pivotal on construction sites, where we prioritize the removal of potential hazards. We understand the importance of a hazard-free environment for residents and passers-by, ensuring a smooth transition without the inconvenience of punctures or other road-related issues.


Moreover, our sweeping services extend beyond surface cleanliness; we address dust and mud suppression, preventing these elements from escalating into safety hazards. Uncontrolled mud buildup poses significant risks, particularly to cyclists and pedestrians. By proactively managing dust and mud, we contribute to the safety and visibility of roads, reducing potential accidents and ensuring the well-being of all road users.


Choose Sonny's for sweeping services that go beyond the surface, prioritizing safety and the seamless flow of daily life in our communities.

Royston White

"Great service from a first class company. Professional and high quality of work by a very good team on-site."
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